Are Fighting Video Games Better to Play on a Console Or a Download?

There are of course quite a number of fighting video games circulating around these days that could get a newbie in the gaming industry baffled on which brand of game they could select for themselves. There is a lot of websites offering fighting game downloads for a toll. Selected sites permit anyone with internet access to play games online. Every so often online games have good graphics that be on a par with gaming consoles.In the recent years though, websites offering games for free continued to improve and today they have achieve a certain stage of quality that the difference between a purchased or free has been diminished to a certain degree. Downloaded games are competing alongside purchased games and it is really a subject of choice as to which platform you prefer. A lot of gamers love the availability of having the game store right at their residence.More people are subscribing to gaming site every month, paying their subscription fees and getting access to all the fighting video game they could ever want to play for free. Online gaming sites are giving games more value for their money to keep them coming back for more. With more competition, players are getting more from the gaming sites to keep them loyal.Some players just like to play titles that are restricted to a certain site. For players that like graphics, speed and just being able to hold the game in your hand like a movie, store bought is probably for you.Free games have their fans and store bought titles are also very popular, but in the end it is a personal choice of what is better. Downloaded games can be played even with your internet connection disconnected and online games playability genuinely depends on the speed of your internet connection.Free gaming site have their place but gaming consoles blow them away as far as graphics, reliability and speed are concerned. If you do not have and internet connection than gaming consoles are the only choice. Fighting video games and the platforms they are played on are varied and many and as long as you enjoy playing, then that is the game for you. Game developers of this technology gave us a lot of choices and playing and getting that adrenaline rush is what it is all about.